DP World launches digital platform to move global trade online

Photo: DP World
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Dubai-based global port operator DP World has launched a digital platform to facilitate trade freight forwarders and any business to book shipments of cargo from and to anywhere in the world, by any combination of sea, land and air, reported official news agency WAM.

The unveiling of this platform follows DP World’s acquisition of SeaRates.com, LandRates.com and AirRates.com.

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DP World has also created Digital Freight Alliance, an online association to bring freight forwarders globally onto one platform, giving them access to new tools, routes and services, and enabling them to do business at any time and place of their choosing.

“We believe that our new platforms, including the Digital Freight Alliance, will contribute to opening new commercial opportunities for our customers, even during the sudden economic downturn. This technology is a direct business enabler,” said Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, group chairman and CEO of DP World.

The platform is expected to help digitise the logistics management and reduce disruptions to shipping and global supply chains amid the global Covid-19 pandemic by ensuring continuity of operations including the supply of vital food and medical supplies.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that we must do all we can to make supply chains stronger to keep trade flowing, even in times of unprecedented challenges for the world,” said Mike Bhaskaran, DP World’s COO for logistics and technology.

“Our new platforms are moving the management of moving cargo online. It will enable our customers to be more efficient and increase the visibility and predictability of supply chains. This will help them to grow their businesses, and ultimately keep countries supplied with the vital goods they need in the crisis,” added Bhaskaran.

DP World has a global network of ports, terminals and economic zones and has business with more than 150 operations in over 50 countries.

Source: gulfbusiness.com