Greece’s Marble Export Growth: January – December 2019

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Following our previous reports on Greece’s marble export growth during 2019, is presenting the country’s marble export growth per month during the year compared with 2018, both for blocks and slabs and finished marble products, in value and quantity of exports.

The table above includes Greece’s marble block and slabs export growth both in value and quantity of exports. It is obvious that the export value followed an overall downward trend, mainly due to the US- China trade war, given the fact that Greece highly depends on China’s imports, exporting more than 50% of its production to the “red dragon”.  Exception to the rule were April and, next, May, reporting increase of 31.34% and 5.57% in value, respectively. The quantity of marble blocks and slabs exports was on the same wavelength as export value: general decrease and April and May the only shining exception. 

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As for Greece’s finished marble products export growth, the picture is not so gloomy and dark. This is mainly due to some Greek marble industries more active extroversion policy and large projects that they carried out. During 2019, half of the months recorded upgoing growth with the rest moving downwards, compared to the previous year. As seen at the table, the negative growth in total is much less than the final increase. Sales were even better when talking about the quantity of finished marble exports of Greece, as most of the months had a positive result.


*Due to consistent data flow, statistics may alter during the year