Mexico’s construction sector finally bounces back to pre-pandemic levels

Photo by James Sullivan on Unsplash
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Mexico’s construction sector has finally managed to overcome the negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, reporting its highest production value in three years.

The latest results of statistics bureau Inegi’s production survey of construction companies showed month-on-month growth of 7.8% in May, following a modest recovery during the first four months of the year. The increase was some 18.2% compared with the same month of last year.

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The bureau’s figures, which are seasonally adjusted and in real terms, show that May’s numbers are as high as those recorded before the coronavirus pandemic hit Mexico in early 2020.

The busiest states for the construction sector in May were Quintana Roo, with 8.8% of the total, Nuevo León (7.9%), Jalisco (7.4%) and Campeche (7.3%).

Buildings represented 41.2% of the total output for the sector during the month, followed by transport and urban development works (24.4%), other non-specific construction (13.1%), oil and petrochemical plants (12.6%), water, irrigation and sanitation (4.3%), and electricity and telecommunications (4.3%).

The private sector accounted for 57.6% of the output, including 65.1% in the buildings category, which includes hospitals, schools, offices and housing.