The 2nd International Conference on Natural Stones took place successfully in Porto

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Having the motto “natural stone is everywhere”,  the 2nd International Conference on Natural Stones was held in Portugal and at the Alfândega do Porto Conference Center in Porto.

The initiative was promoted by ANIET – Portuguese Association of Extractive and Manufacturing Industry under the project “SIAC Stone Export + Internationalization”.

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During the Conference, various issues related to the industry were discussed, such as: Management and Strategy, the presentation of various markets through promotional campaigns at national and international level (“Portuguese Stone The Natural Path” and “Made in Portugal Naturally”), new realities and challenges in the industry, as well as Portugal’s export potential. At the same time, the new trends and opportunities for various markets and international events were analyzed.

The Conference took place through a digital platform developed for this purpose and thus with a live broadcast from the Alfândega do Porto Conference Center, the event was attended by 393 participants.

The event was very well received in Portugal and in the international markets, while the broadcasting  through the digital platform allowed a direct and continuous contact between the speakers and the participants.

The panel of speakers included experts in the field of natural stones, among them: Mr. Jorge Mira Amaral (ANIET), Ms. Francelina Pinto (ANIET), Mr. Jorge Salvador (AICEP), Dr. Margarida Matos (Casa da Arquitetura), Mr. Francisco Sousa Rio (Câmara Municipal do Porto), Dr. Anil Taneja (WONASA – World Natural Stone Association and, Dr. Paulo F. Giafarov (WONASA – World Natural Stone Association), Dr. Piero Primavori (PSC Primavori Stone Consulting), João Sardo, Dr. Vince Marazita (Stone Trends International), Dr. Imran Mhomed (JPAB – José Pedro Aguiar Branco Advogados) and Elena Amadini (VeronaFiere).