The second day of Architects Talks as part of the exhibition “The Architect Show” at the Metropolitan Expo, Athens

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The second day of The Architects Talk, on Sunday, December 12 at the Metropolitan Expo, will begin with a great tribute to the materials. Then passes to the analysis of the “lessons” of the Glasgow cop26 Climate Change Conference by international guests and visitors and then there will be 2 thematic speeches by special guests for investments in Greece.

The materials in focus

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Materials accompany humans in every change of history, society and his character, with their uses changing accordingly. Since ancient times, the transition of human from the primitive state to civilization has been almost identified with the use of marble in architecture. Today in Greece the marble industry sector remains strong, with 76% of total production being exported to more than 120 countries in 2021. Thus the country is ranked 4th in the world in marble exports.

The aluminum industry is also booming. The material that once embodied the vision of big cities and art deco and today provides energy certifications in buildings, in Greece is associated with the 3rd most export sector with an export value of € 1,701 million and 2nd with the best trade balance. Its exports accounted for about 5.6% of the country’s total. (2020 data)

In the Architects Talk materials section, the two materials are examined in the light of sustainability, the design possibilities they offer and the technology.

In the first session, the most renowned architects and marble market top executives will discuss:

  • Architecture and design
  • Sustainability and environmental impact
  • The reuse of quarries in dialogue with society

Among the architects, designers and executives who will be present, Elias Messinas, Stella Pierri, Stavroula Christofilopoulou, Lydia Xinogala, Sotiris Lazou, Niki and Zoe Moskofoglou, Vangelis Stylianidis and Thanos Zakopoulos. The discussion will be coordinated by Nikolas Barelier, Panos Iliopoulos and Eleni Tsirintani.

The discussion on marble is followed by the panels on aluminum, on the following topics:

  • Facade design and industrial design
  • Technology
  • Circular economy

Giorgos Batzios, Konstantinos Lambrinopoulos, Stephan Buerger, Katerina Vasilakou and Angeliki Athanasiadou and Loukas Bobotis are discussing aluminum. The discussion will be coordinated by Danae Makri and Elias Messinas.

International interpretations of sustainability and investment stories

The day continues with t”Learnings from Glasgow Cop 26″, coordinated by Elias Messina accompanied by the legendary architect Peter Murray, curator of the New London Architecture Forum, pioneer of the London Festival of Architecture that began as the Clerkenwell Architecture Biennale in 2004 and curator of some of the most important exhibitions of the last 40 years at the Royal Academy. Also from London, the “Architects Talk” stage will be  the architect Michel Mossessian, who has designed, among other things, the winning proposal for the new NATO headquarters and various landmark buildings in London, such as the 5 Merchant Square in Paddington, that is occupied by Marks & Spencer, and the S1 and S2 buildings at King’s Cross, one of which will house Google Deepmind offices. Motivated by his vision of creating culturally responsive architecture, he has worked at the World Heritage Site in Medina, Fez, Morocco, and is deeply interested in cultural localism and architecture. He is currently a visiting professor at Imperial College London where he lectures on how architecture affects prosperity. John Veikos will also be on the panel from Michel Mossessian’s office.

Third international guest, Leon Avigad. A visionary hotelier who leads Brown Hotels from Israel, currently investing 300 million euros in Greece, in the hospitality sector. Leon will speak and explain why he chose to invest in the country and will share his vision for the transformation of Omonia into a cultural and creative destination, as 12 hotels of his group will operate in the area.

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