The shocking marble pastry shop in Paros that looks like a museum of ancient sculptures

Photo: Giagkos Papadopoulos
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With a unique design and sweets in the windows that look like ephemeral sculptures, the Tserki confectionery has become the new landmark of the popular Cycladic island.

With the absolute star of the white Parian marble, material with which masterpieces such as the Venus of Milos and the Victory of Samothrace are made, the Tserki confectionery in Paros steals impressions thanks to its inspired design, more reminiscent of a cave museum exhibiting ancient sculptures, despite the shop of two talented pastry chefs.

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Photo: Giagkos Papadopoulos

Sweet as ephemeral edible sculptures in an ancient temple

This particular pastry shop has existed in the same spot since 2014, steadily building a very good brand with its special sweets. The Saint Of Athens creative agency team and DVMP Architect team collaborated with Tserki’s team to create a new take on how sweets are presented as ephemeral edible sculptures.

The result is a unique space made of marble and plaster that looks like an impressive “cave” sculpted by hand. Balancing between ancient sculptural Art and modern design, the Tserki project utilizes the heritage of the Cycladic culture, the tradition of Paros in the extraction and processing of marble, but also the imperatives of international architecture and modern design.

Photo: Giagkos Papadopoulos

The concept was conceived by the team at Saint Of Athens, who have given us some of the most imaginative chic, such as Gavello nel blu, the jewelry store in Mykonos designed like the inside of a swimming pool.

“Whether working with eternal marble or ephemeral dough, the creator reaches the desired form by sculpting. Both sculpture and confectionery are hand-based art forms, and their artworks bear the marks of their creator’s talent.”explains the creative director of Saint Of Athens, Nikos Paleologos.

The Parian marble is the star

Marble, a material closely associated with the island since ancient times, sets the pace and at the same time becomes the inspiration in shaping Tserki’s creative identity. “The Parian marble, which was quarried on the north side of the island from ancient times until the 19th century, is the material from which masterpieces such as the Venus of Milos and the Victory of Samothrace are made. White and translucent, it carries the elegant, radiant beauty of an incomparable whiteness, together with the potential artistic creation”points out the Saint Of Athens. “The eternally valuable characteristics of Parian marble, its close relationship with art and the role it inevitably plays in Greek culture, inspired an unexpectedly fresh approach to the pâtissier’s creative art and the way sweets are presented. The concept for the new pastry shop is inspired by the elegance of the Cycladic form but transcends time, playing with the dipole of the eternal and the ephemeral, while at the same time highlighting both, through their artistic essence”he adds.

Photo: Giagkos Papadopoulos

Tserki with this special design makes its reputation not only escape from the narrow local limits of the island or the Greek space, but already travels around the world, with the international media and the design-loving public welcoming the creative coexistence of confectionery and sculpture in a space that pays tribute to the ancient Greek Cycladic culture.

Info: Tserki, Paros
Concept / art direction / id: Saint Of Athens
Architectural works: DVMP architects
Artworks: Tire Up Studio & Panos Profitis
Photos: Giagkos Papadopoulos