Commercial transport by sea is slow and costly due to covid

Photo by Rinson Chory on Unsplash
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According to research conducted by Srm, the study centre linked to the Intesa Sanpaolo group, commercial transport by sea has become slower and more expensive due to the impact of the pandemic on the trend of maritime transport and logistics sector.

As highlighted in the research, a container ship travelling from China to the United States needed 39 days in 2019, 49 days in 2020 and 68 days in 2021. More time and higher costs. Additionally, moving a container on the sea routes cost, on average, $ 1,421 in 2019, $2,171 in 2020 and $7,556 in 2021.

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Maritime freight rates continue to show record rises. Drewry’s World Container Index, which measures trends in freight costs, has for some time now been showing percentages that indicate whirlwind increases in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Based on what emerges from the Srm research, the Mediterranean continues its positive trends: maritime transport and ports continue to record heavy traffic, despite the problems and weaknesses shown, particularly in the affair of the ship run aground in the Suez Canal.

Source: ANSA