Extremadura granite exports grew by 15% since the crisis

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Granite exports have grown by 15% since the beginning of the crisis in Extremadura, according to the results of a study carried out at the behest of the City of Quintana de la Serena in Badajoz and has enjoyed the cooperation of 18 companies the ornamental stone sector.

The idea for the study came from the quintanense Mayor Jose Angel Benitez, who last November proposed by the industries of the town in order to analyze the main source of wealth graniteras Quintana. Once these companies chose to participate, he began a market study done by a consulting firm hired Diputación de Badajoz. He analyzed mainly in four aspects: production, marketing, management and financial framework.

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“This study was performed individually in each of the quarries so decided to participate in it,” he added the mayor. The ultimate goal is sought with him is, he says, creating a climate of cooperation among all in order to increase the benefits of each regarding the sale of products.

“The results we have drawn from the study are quite optimistic. Although data Rebound high loss of employment, production and profitability have increased by 15% exports abroad. ” According to the mayor, the importance of these data warn of an extension of the sale to markets in other countries that did not exist a decade ago.

The crisis in Spain and Europe led them to open new avenues of market share in other countries. Among these new sources of export include countries such as Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. “Many companies that issue of language, cultural or financial have many difficulties to sell in these places. With this initiative we will try to provide the business with these markets. ”

After knowing the situation of the sector between business representatives of the Association of Canteras Reunidas, consultancy and part of the local government team, each picked up their study to study what was for each of them. “The next step is to analyze the data once we reconvene and begin the collaborative project to build a strong sector of the ornamental rock in the town.”

Maria Fortuna

Source: www.hoy.es