The marble dominates in the new luxury store of Manolo Blanik in New York

Photo: AMNA
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Another store was opened by Manolo Blahnik, this time on Madison Avenue in New York in an iconic 1923 building with two separate windows. One leads to the women’s collection, and the other is dedicated to men. Connected internally, but with each space having a separate decoration and personality.

White for her, bright blue for him, in the new shoe boutique of the famous designer, dominates the marble with two Venetian chandeliers illuminating it. “I created a place for customers to relax,” said Blank, who loves architecture and designed the new space with his niece and CEO, Christina, and interior designer David Thomas.

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Although there were thoughts that the period due to an epidemic might not be suitable for opening a new store, Blanik’s enthusiasm was great. He explains to “Vogue”: “I am scared on the one hand, that I opened a new store in New York. I do not know if it is the right time … On the other hand I thought “yes! Why not;” People are psychologically depressed because of the pandemic of shopping. What will be the motivation? “Something different … Sometimes I felt like my head was going to explode, but I finished the collection … and I think it’s one of the best collections I’ve made,” says the designer. I do not make big changes, I do not follow fashion, but I design thinking with the meaning of “like” or “why not …”. And this time I designed this way. The maximalist approach I adopted was a response to the constraints of locking. ” The designer predicts a return to the pursuit of pleasure and sensuality – “because fashion is sensual in every case”.

For his new store, the designer was inspired by his first visit to New York in 1974 and preferred marble to play a leading role, something he has done in other stores, using it, on the floors, but also on the shelves. a material that he particularly loves, as well as architecture, always putting its own touches in its spaces.