Top 5 countries in marble blocks and slabs exports in 2018

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Which country holds the lead in marble blocks and slabs exports for 2018? Which one scored the most in export value and which sold the largest quantity?

Turkey gained the lead in marble blocks and slabs export value in 2018, with $ 944.19 million, 14% less than 2017. Italy came second with a 4% decrease than 2017, while Greece in the third place raised their export value by 15% compared to 2017. Iran and Spain followed in export value top 5 list, both decreased by 21% and 29% respectively.

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As for quantity of marble blocks and slabs exports, Turkey is by far the champion with 5.05 million tons exported in 2018, decreased however by 11% than 2017. The rest of the list remains the same as in value of exports: Italy is in the second place, followed by Greece, Iran and lastly, Spain. All countries sold less in 2018 compared to the previous year and more specifically Italy by -13%, Greece only by -2%, Iran by -8% and Spain by -33%.

Things change when it comes to unit value, as Greece was the country that sold marble blocks and slabs in the highest price per ton. $ 377.38 per ton scored Greece, increased by 17% compared to 2017, while Italy in the second place exported marble blocks and slabs for $ 350.12 per ton, also increased by 11%. Spain holds the third place, with raised unit value by 5%, followed by Turkey, which had a slight decrease in unit value by -4%. Iran comes last, with a decreased unit value by -15% in 2018 compared to the previous year.