Uprising price per ton for Italy’s unprocessed marble blocks and slabs in 2017

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Italy is still the third largest marble blocks and slabs importer in the world, despite any fluctuation

Stonenews.eu, after studying the statistical results of the International Trade Centre and the National Statistical Institutes, is presenting  the growth in Italy’s Marble Blocks & Slabs imports between 2016 and 2017 and the shares in value and quantity in 2017.

From 2001 to 2017, Italy’s marble blocks and slabs imports were going upwards and downwards in value and in quantity as well. There has been fluctuation in the price per ton, however in 2008 it gets stabilized.   Compared to 2016, In 2017 Italy imported marble blocks and slabs in higher price per ton for 18,44%, even if the imports value was stable with +0,36 but the quantity decreased for -15,26%.

A dissemination is noted in Italy’s imports showing that the country gets several varieties of marble blocks and slabs from all over the world  either to respond to domestic needs or to export them.

The table below is showing the 10 leading countries that exported marble blocks and slabs to Italy in 2017 according to the shares in import value.

As seen in the table, in 2017 Italy imported Marble Blocks and Slabs with higher price per ton from Croatia for +64,49%, from Portugal for +19,9%, from Greece for +19,7%, from Turkey for +17,61%, from Namibia for +13,18%, from Tunisia for +12,22%, from Brazil for +11,18%, from China for +6,97% and from the USA with +1,01%. The only country that exported to Italy with lower price per ton was Iran for  -3,65%.

In 2017 Italy imported Marble Blocks & Slabs from 53 countries. 79,6% of the total imports value was under HS Code 251511*, 17,35% under 251512* and the rest 3,05% under 251520*.

*Statistic reports for Marble Blocks and Slabs result from the HS Codes below (Harmonized System Codes):

251511: Marble and travertine, crude or roughly trimmed

251512: Marble and travertine, merely cut, by sawing or otherwise, into blocks or slabs of a square or rectangular shape

251520: Ecaussine and other calcareous monumental or building stone of an apparent specific gravity of >= 2,5, and alabaster, whether or not roughly trimmed or merely cut, by sawing or otherwise, into blocks or slabs of a square or rectangular shape (excluding in the form of granules, chippings or powder, and marble and travertine)

Source: Stonenews.eu, ITC