The US Finished Marble Products Imports per month in 2018

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USA is the country that imports the most finished marble products in the world. In 2018 the US finished marble products imports amounted 1,099,716 tons of $ 1.91 billion value. Let’s find out what was the monthly trend of the US finished marble products import value, quantity and unit value in 2018.

The US finished marble products import value showed an overall upward trend per month in 2018 despite fluctuations. August was the month with the largest value of imports ($ 106.36 million) followed closely by July ($ 106.09 million). On the contrary, February was the month with the lowest import value of finished marble products ($ 75.64 million).

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As for quantity of imports, the largest amount of finished marble products was imported in the US in June 2018 (105,139 tons), followed by August (102,079 tons), while the month with the poorest imports was February once again (73,986 tons).

Lastly, the finished marble products unit value monthly review for 2018 showed big fluctuations between June and September. Generally, the average unit value was mostly over the one thousand dollars, except May, June and September, when it hit a record low of $ 928.18 per ton. The most expensive finished marble product was imported in the US in July for $ 1,125.58 per ton.

*Due to consistent data flow, statistics may alter during the year